Budget Spares was originally founded in 1985 and soon became the powerhouse and a household name pertaining to the supply of Used parts for your Motor Vehicles. The Company continued to expand rapidly. The Company is now embarking on the project of joining the race to be the most professional and innovative Company supplying the biggest range approved replacement parts. Almost everything is available at way below dealers prices and the addition of new products daily as they are sourced both locally and overseas is impacting the market and will do so more rapidly.

Want to Sell Your Wreck?

Budget spares also purchase accident damaged vehicles directly from the public. So, if you have a car which will either be too costly to repair or cannot be repaired at all, give us a call and we will take it off your hands. This will not only save you time, but also the hassle of chopping up and selling the separate car parts on your own.

Over years Budget Auro Spares have built up a sound relationship with our clients throughout South Africa.
Budget Auto spares pride ourselves in supplying our clients with a fair deal and we do not send out parts if
we ourselves are not convinced that the part is good enough for use. Budget Auto Spares supplies all used parts
for all automobiles, cars, trucks and bakkies. From engines,diffs, coil springs to headlamps.

Budget Auto Spares also offer repairable wrecks for sale.

Vehicle Salvageyard

Budget Auto Scrapyard was establishes in 1985 and is one of South Africa's leading premier provider of automotive salvage management
solutions. Budget Auto Spares offers an amalgamation of sound and reliable second hand salvage auto spares.
Budget Auto Spares have a superior knowledge of the salvage industry, highly skilled, qualified and professional staff, as well
as a solid track record in the field of automotive salvage.

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